Tourism and Development 2017: Active & Sports Tourism


Active & Sports Tourism: Feel the freedom of water

29th November – 1st December 2017 Terme Čatež, Brežice, Slovenia, Europe

Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor, Brežice, Slovenia in partnership with: The Faculty of Sports and Tourism – TIMS, Novi Sad, Serbia & Libertas Business School, Libertas University, Zagreb, Croatia

As tourist practices increasingly expand to provide an ever more diverse array of sensations, the idea of tourism primarily characterized as a visual experience has become challenged by many accounts that foreground enhanced sensations of touch, smell, sound and movement (Edensor 2016). Nowadays, people do not just want a vacation, they want an adventure. Focus of tourist products has moved from just providing relaxing free time for people on their vacations to providing exciting activities whole days with less importance on location and more on activities that can be carried out. Times when all-inclusive was just overeating and over drinking while on vacation are over and people today want a much different all-inclusive offer; an all-inclusive adventure or an in-depth experience. However, to meet different needs this all-inclusive adventure has to be adapted to standards and requirements of people of different lifestyles and living conditions. Responsible and sustainable tourism has to take into account the diversity of tourists in terms of age, mobility, sensory impairments, intellectual disability or health condition, and thus promote universal accessibility – a tourism which can be enjoyed equally by everybody, regardless of one’s abilities (UNWTO 2016).

With the rising demand for adventure tourism, more and more research has been undertaken in the field of active tourism. We seek to broaden this interesting and purposeful research with a special attention devoted to issues of accessibility and social inclusion.

The conference will address the following topics:

Panel/Topic 1: Active tourism

Keynote speaker: Prof. Johan Edelheim, Ph.D. TBC

Conference papers should address:

  • Active tourism development, marketing and adventure branding
  • Enhancing well-being, health and personal activity while on vacation
  • Consuming adventure: tourist experience in active tourism
  • Active tourism for seniors

Panel/Topic 2: Sports tourism

Keynote speaker: Assist. Prof. Nataša Slak Valek, Ph.D. à Zayed University, U.A.E. TBC

Conference papers should address:

  • Professional athletes as tourists
  • Destination image and branding through sports competitions
  • Sport event tourism
  • New trends in the sports tourism industry

Panel/Topic 3: Accessible tourism

Keynote speaker: Dolores Kores, MBA à Managing Director of PREMIKI TBC

Conference papers should address:

  • Issues in accessibility of tourist venues
  • Creating the active tourist destination for handicapped
  • New technology set for (physically) impaired visitors
  • Social inclusion and equal opportunities in tourism

Important: All the abstracts that will be within the scope of the conference will be accepted for the review process regardless of the issues they address, the issues listed above are intended as suggestive guidelines.

Important dates:

Extended abstract submission: September 1st 2017 (2000 words)

Notification of acceptance of papers: November 1st 2017

Full paper submission: December 31st 2017


  • All accepted abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts.
  • Quality papers will be referred to journal Academica Turistica – Tourism and innovation journal for publishing.
  • Exceptional papers will be invited to be published within a book published by Pearson Education – special fee will apply for publishing.